As soon as you arrive to Izmit, its enchanting atmosphere, its outstanding-polite atmosphere and its own atmosphere wraps you around. A sincere, respectful, warm hospitality, the perfect comfort and coziness of the lobby with its artificial cascade are an integral part of this atmosphere.

Everything is totally different, now Özgür Otel days have begun. Its 50 rooms opening up to the gulf, with its single and double beds makes you experience the comfort with a view of the sea. With an international phone, color television with satellite antenna, perfect room service, the whole world is in your hand.

Find a unique atmosphere, smiling staff, professional service and perfect cooks and taste our dishes which are suitable to your palate...

Özgür Otel, located in the city center with a position overlooking the sea displays a perfect example of Izmit’s hospitality during your week-ends, business meetings and summer holidays...

Its peaceful architecture will give you the chance to discover in it beautiful works that will shed a light to the art and history.

In the magnificent beauty of the Gulf our Hotel is proud to be at your service with its experienced staff during four seasons.